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[] positive lady characters meme: doctor who + women of colour

Blessed Martha Jones crushing the haters for your pleasure

[x] Day Ten: Favorite female character in a scifi/supernatural show

[x] Day Three: A female character you hated but grew to love // Day Fifteen: Favorite female character growth arc // Day Twenty-Seven: A female character you have extensive personal canon fo

[x] Day Two: Favorite supporting female character // Day Twenty-Two: Favorite female character you love but everyone else hates

[x] Dreamcast: Richard Ayoade as the 12th Doctor, Jenna Louise Coleman as Clara Oswald and Noel Fielding as the next companion from the future. Although, realistically speaking, I assume Noel wouldn’t be available for a full time companion so I’d gladly take him as a one-off. 

Dreamcast: Richard Ayoade as 12th Doctor

Real talk now: Eleven will always be my favourite Doctor, not only because he was my first, but because of his charming and eccentric personality, his child likeness, because of those tiny moments where you could see the darkness inside of him, because of all those amazing speeches, all the silly jokes and stupid bowties and fezzes and stetsons and obviously, Matt Smith’s amazing acting. Another reason for why I love Eleven so much is that he’s quite similar to my favourite Classic Who Doctor, Two. He was inspired by Patrick Troughton’s performance and that’s even more awesome.

I feel like I’m still in denial. I’m gonna be a huge mess after the Christmas special, I’m sure. I hope we finally get to see a Doctor that is not a white male. I’m hoping for Richard Ayoade, even though is quite unlikely.

I just want the 12th Doctor to be Richard Ayoade even though I’m 500% sure that it’s not gonna happen

river song + hair porn

[x] my favourite fictional ladies at the moment

In the Whoniverse, we don’t say “I love you”. We say goodbye like we’re coming back. “Well, then. See you around”. I think that’s beautiful.

It’s rant time!

I hate when people make Amy into this damsel in distress figure, completely passive and without will. NO, YOU STOP RIGHT THERE. I don’t give a shit if you hate Moffat or not, if you hate his represantation of women and think he is sexist (I agree with that) but if you think the person I described in the beginning is Amy Pond, then we’re not watching the same show.

I mean, are we talking about the same girl who chosed to be tough after feeling left behind by her imaginary friend? The same girl who went through four psychiatrists because she refused to let them tell her that her Raggedy Doctor wasn’t real? The same one who saved a space whale because she understood its kindness? Or helped a suicidal man who found out his life was a lie? The girl who volunteered to go into a school of vampire-fish-aliens? Gave hope to the greatest painter who ever existed? The girl who saved the world by remembering her best friend, founding him in words? Let’s not forget about how people say dismiss Amy’s actions because she acts out of love and because she’s a mother. How could you dismiss that? I don’t see anyone dismissing Rose’s actions when she absorbed the heart of the TARDIS to save the Doctor. But when Amy gives up on a life of adventures to save the world (again!) and live happily with her husband, who she loves more than anything, then she’s weak. She’s being reduced to being just a wife. I don’t understand how people can think of being a wife is a bad thing. We saw the dynamic between The Ponds on their adventures and they were stronger together, but even when they were apart, they were both strong characters capable of making decisions. We see Amy turning into a warrior several times during season 6. In The Curse of the Black Spot, again in The Girl Who Waited and we get to see the darkness in her, in The Wedding of River Song. All the things she could do out of revenge, because of what they did to her and her baby. And it’s not pretty. But I understand.

I think most of Amy haters really dislike the fact that Amy is a sexual, feminine, beautiful woman and this can be seen for her career choices, First, a kissogram. That’s a job for someone who has a lot of agency of their sexuality. And then, later, she becomes a model. She uses her looks to make money and I think that’s awesome because we know Amy is so clever and she’s crazy about history and she could do anything and yet, she chooses to become a model. That’s pretty fucking sweet if you ask my opinion. And then she breaks up with Rory and I think that was the lamest thing ever. That just, that wasn’t any necessary, there’s no reason at all for that to have happened. Still, we see Amy saying she “gave him up” because she though it wasn’t fair to him and blah blah blah. I really hate that crap, sorry. Anyways, during season 7 we see how much she’d matured. She settled down, built a life with the man that she loves and she kinda of grown from her thirst for adventure because I think she had enough of them. We all know that going all the way through time and space can be awesome. But things can get pretty nasty and Amy knows it. She knows it better than anyone. Season 7 has one of my favourite lines “I’m easily worth two men. You can help too if you like”. Damn right, Amy. Show him that damn bravery. As we come close to the end of her story, we found out that Amy’s love is the most powerful thing she has inside of her. We’ve seen this before. She’s kind, compassionated, she’s selfless. She’s willing to sacrifice herself for a greater good. And she does it again in The Angels Take Manhattan. She sacrifices herself not only for the world, but for the love of her life. I still don’t get it how this is a bad thing but oh well, who can understand dem haterz? Anyway. My point is that in the end of her story, we see her as something like a character in a fairytale. But because she is a first-person narrator, I like to refer to her as The Storyteller. That’s my title for Amy because she ain’t no girl who waited anymore. She’s a woman who made all of her life decisions knowing the consequences and did it anyway because that’s what she wanted. She’s not some passive character of a fairytale. She’s the the main character, she’s the narrator and she makes it happen.

(I also have some headcanons on Amy living in the past and becoming a woman for women’s rights and she being very controversial because of her attitude and all of that, but she doesn’t care cuz she’s Amy Pond and she saved the world and she’s badass as fuck and all of that.)

And those, ladies and gentlemen, are the reasons for my non understandment of people who insint on saying that Amy has no control of her life or whatsoever. Also my opinions on “how can people hate Amy Pond” but oh well. I really don’t know how to finish a rant, I’m sorry and this is embarrassing.

I need more Classic Who blogs. tbh I want more Two blogs cuz TWO and Jamie and Victoria but JAMIE AND TWO AND omg what is my life